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Message of Bishop

Sacred Heart Raikot, Ludhiana All of us desire health – no one would like to be ill! Yet, every now and again, we are afflicted by sickness. Each year, the Church celebrates February 11, the feast of the apparition of Our Lady at Lourdes, as the World Day of the Sick. On that day, a number of Catholics and people of other faiths too flock to the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Health at Vailankanni, often called 'the Lourdes of the East'. Hence, it is fitting that this month, we reflect on the topic of Health and Healing. For the sake of clarity, we pen our reflections in the form of a few points.

We start with the realization that all of us, human beings, stand in need of healing – healing at different levels: healing of bodies, healing of our emotions, healing in our relationships and healing of our spirits too. These levels are inter-connected: physical ailments often have psychological roots – what we often term 'psycho-somatic illnesses'. So also, a physical ailment can have spiritual roots. We recall the instance of the paralytic in the Gospels: he had come to Jesus for physical healing. Jesus realized that the malady was even deeper and that he needed spiritual restoration. That is why even before Jesus said: `Take up your bed and walk', he said to him: `Son, thy sins are forgiven' (Mk. 2:5). The different levels affect each other: forgiving others and asking for forgiveness helps in bodily healing.

Rx. Rev. Agnelo Gracias
Apostolic Administrator
Diocese Of Jalandhar

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