Sacred Heart Raikot, Ludhiana

Examinations and Promotions

The Academic Year has three terms:

March to May, July to October and November to February.

  • There will be a Terminal Examination at the end of each term andit is compulsory for every student to appear for the Examinations. Those who remain absent from any of the Examinations without any serious or reasonable cause will be considered as having failed in the particular subject. In case of illness it is necessary for every pupil to produce a Medical Certificate to the effect from a Medical Practitioner of competence.
  • Those who fail in an Examination either by way of poor performance or absence of appearance, such students shall not be awarded any Position nor re-examined.
  • Regular periodical Tests will also be conducted in addition to the Terminal Examinations. The Marks obtained in all such Tests and the Terminal Examinations will be taken together into consideration for deciding the Annual Promotion of a student.
  • A pupil shall be eligible to appear in the Final Examination only if he/she hasobtained a minimum of 85% of the total attendance.
  • Anyone found indulging in any malpractice during an examination is liable to be debarred from further examinations.
  • The minimum pass mark to be qualified for promotion in the Final Examination shall be 45% of the aggregate marks obtained by the candidate in all the Tests and Terminal Examinations taken together, besides the internal assessment made by the School.
  • Results declared at the end of the year are final and will not be reconsidered, nor the answer papers shown to anybody.
  • A student who fails in two consecutive Final Examinations will have to leave the School.
  • Those who takeadmissions in the School shall be deemed to have accepted the scheme of promotions followed in the School. The decision of the School in the matter of promotions, once taken, shall be final, irrevocable and binding on all concerned.
  • While reviewing each report,the parents/ guardian are requested to examine the home work diary of their wards carefully. It will be helpful in understanding as to why he/she has not come up to the expectations.
  • Promotion to the higher classes depends upon the following additional factors also:
  • Regularity in attendance
  • Sincerity and quality of day to day participation in the class.
  • Opinion and assessment of teachers in the class.
  • Performance in written work and projects assigned in different subjects.
  • Average of the Terminal Examinations.

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