Bracing Atmosphere

Bracing Atmosphere

Bracing Atmosphere Goals


Imparting quality education


Exposure of healthy as well as balanced personality.


Expression of emotional behaviors.


Inculcate the sense of participation with responsibility.


Discipline of mind and preparation for higher Education.

The faculty of junior section inspires pupils to believe in their ability and become more than they ever imagined to be. The friendly and inviting atmosphere of classrooms provide comforts to pupils to share their thoughts, opinions and questions with the teachers as well as among themselves . Various types of co-academic and cultural events help the students in refining their worth to create a helthy society. Every student is fostered with a high level of competence to transform the society with the enlightenment of knowledge and awareness for better tomorrow. The hallmarks of this faculty provide the quality standard of education and training for a better life.

Academic Program

  • Lexicon Competition
  • Choreography
  • Project Works
  • Sketch Competition
  • Literary Activities
  • Transcription
  • Retrospection
  • Evaluation

Events for Junior Years

  • Artistic program
  • Inter House Competition
  • Athletic Meet
  • Exhibition and fete
  • Parents Meet
  • Picnic

Senior Years

Bracing Atmosphere