Medium of Instruction

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction is English and the method of study is in accordance with the scheme laid down by the Council for the Primary, Secondary and the Higher Secondary stages as approved by the Council. Special importance is given to English, including spoken English, for which a high standard is maintained. Hindi as the national language and Punjabi as the regional language are taught from Pre-Primary level with priority. The School also lays emphasis on early interventions for a child’s development through the following methodologies:

Bracing Atmosphere

Goals Facilitating

Motor Cognitive Development

Socio Emotional Development

Moral & Cultural Development

SHCS aims at formatting a favorable educational climate with an emphasis on the motor-cognitive, socio-emotional and moral development of the child through the construction of thought process which includes remembering, problem solving, numerating and decision making. The child is trained and prepared to meet the need for social contacts by respecting parents , teachers, cultural and moral values , traditions of each state, mother tongue, state language and child’s own culture