Pre Primary Year

Pre Primary Year

  • Events for pre-primary years
  • Inter School competitions
  • Annual sports day
  • Art competition
  • Cultural events
  • Exhibition
  • House picnic
  • Cordial moments with parents
  • Academic Program
  • Phonics
  • Sight reading
  • Story telling
  • Singing rhymes
  • Drawing and colouring
  • Creative Writing
  • Semester tests
  • We find reasons to celebrate childhood
  • Primary Years
  • Bracing Atmosphere
  • Goals
  • Personal ,social and emotional development.
  • Understanding of outer world.
  • Competency with language.
  • Development of self confidence.

The aim of the School is to provide students a system of education that allows them to enhance their personal and social development. We believe in facilitating the students to develop a habit of outreach to one′s work as well as attitude of confidence in them and to enable them to realize their potential as definitive individuals. The School is a breeding ground of opportunities for the students to learn the skill of using the language appropriately, valuing its communicative possibilities and triggering the art of conversation and persuasion to drive home one′s point. Our aim is to equip the students with all the skills and knowledge needed to face the challenges and opportunities of life with grit and confidence.

We Learn in so many different ways!

Academic Program :-

Story Telling

Poetry Recitation

Dictionary Competition

Memory Test

Art and Colouring

Semester Test

Quiz Contest

Primary Years